Aisa N. Houser



This is a new product of Mexican Hot Chocolate with chili powder added into its ingredients. This is actually the traditional way to make Mexican Hot Chocolate. Note that other Mexican Hot Chocolate brands do not include chili in their list of ingredients.


It is a new product that has to compete with other Mexican Hot Chocolate brands that have been on the market much longer. The Hot Chocolate needs a name that will stick out from its competitors but still have its roots in the Mexican culture.


Create a name that fits into the feeling of Dia de Los Muertos. Make the color palette festive and fun to stand out from the competition. 

Also, create a packaging that is made of a recyclable and reusable material for the user to reduce waste production.



It kept in mind a name that can be associated with the Dia de los Muertos by going with the Spanish words for "chocolate" and "day." Coco Dia came to be as a simple game of wordplay.

Color Palette


Agency FB was used for the logo type face because of its more box-like appearance that fit well within the rectangles that the words "Coco Dia" are kept in. It also gave an ancient Aztec feel to the logo as well, without it being too flashy or overwhelming. Cubano was picked as the second logo type for its similar but more rounded appearance to show some difference from the main type.

Asset 2.png
Asset 3.png

Deconstruction of Competitors

Seeing how Abuelita packaging is put together helped with figuring out how to put Coco Dia packaging together.  It kept the minimal packaging and improved on what was not working--the packaging is not recyclable, and only the powder packaging is re-usable.


Dieline with Design

Final Mock-Up

Bag and box1.png

Photography by Aisa Houser