Aisa N. Houser

Callus Remover


Re-design the packaging of a $5-or-less item at a store. The product that it ended up being is a callus remover. The package should not increase the product pricing and must display the qualities of sustainability. The qualities are Reduction of the size of the packaging, Re-usability, and being made of Recyclable material.


The HEB brand of callus remover is over packaged. Plastic covers the front of the product and the back is made of thin cardboard. There was also no recycle symbol anywhere on the packaging that would tell a user that they could recycle the packaging.



1. Reduce the size of the original packaging and give it a design that stands out. 2. Make the packaging Re-usable so that the packing life becomes longer for the user, since it is a product that people keep for a good amount of time. 3. Make it out of a material that can be Recycled. 


Refind Prototypes

Determining that Prototype 17 (Wrap with Strap) reduce the material that the packing used the most out of the other prototype and that it worked the best with the shape of the callus remover. The next step was to determine the best way to construct the packaging and what material to be used. 


Color Palette 




Front and Back 

Final Mock-up

The final make up is made from Recyclable plastic that can be Re-used by the owner. They could hang it in the bathroom or keep it in a drawer. The packaging would protect the user from scraping up their hands when they reach into it.

Photography by Aisa Houser