Aisa N. Houser
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Easy Melt


H-E-B Easy Melt has been on the shelf, in the same packaging for 15 years. The product has been successful but it is in need of a fresh design. The design should be restaurant inspired. We want the customers to immediately think of eating chips and queso at a trendy, delicious restaurant when they see the packaging concept. All elements of the packaging should be considered including, typography, imagery, color, etc. 

Following the Communication Hierarchy:

1. H-E-B Easy Melt   2. Imagery of Cheese  3. Flavors: Original and Jalapeno   4. Rich and Smooth (Tagline) 


The Easy Melt packaging design is very similar to its competitors. Velveeta, as the main competitor, shares a very similar layout, imagery, and typography as Easy Melt.  That way, when people are looking, they do not automatically see the difference. 


So the goal is to create a new design that will stick out from the other competitors. By using a typography that stays away from the bold cursive fonts that competitors use and using one bold color for each of the flavors, Easy Melt was made easier to distinguish from the rest.


 Photo by Aisa Houser

Photo by Aisa Houser


Photo by Aisa Houser

Roughs Logos



Adelle PE was picked for the logotype because of its looks. The main reason being that it will stick out from the other typefaces used by cheese products but still fit in as well.

Gotham Book was picked for the body type as H-E-B has been using it for its other products. Gotham was also used for the clean look it has and easy readability in smaller sizes.

Color Pallete 



Dieline with Design

Final Mock-up


Photography by Aisa Houser