Aisa N. Houser

Carnival Di Venezia


Carnevale di Venezia, or Carnival of Venice, 2016 is one of Italy’s most beloved carnivals. The festival began in Venice, Italy in the year 1162, but did not gain popularity until the 18 century.  It then became a popular tourist attraction in 1979.  Carnevale di Venezia is a week-long carnival right before Lent. Throughout the whole week, people wear elaborate costumes and masks. Many performances, contests, and street vending take place all over the city of Venice.


The brand for the carnival is not very clear through their site or advertisement. There is no particular logo or color palette. The brand itself does not capture the feeling of the amazing carnival.


 So, the brand needs to be re-worked. It needs to be clarified and united and fit into the spirit of the festival.


Brand Value and Logo

 Mysterious, Elegant, Enchanting, and Exciting

A way to capture these values was by uing the aic hape of a mak for the main part of the logo and then implifying the map of Venice, uing a pathfinder to divide it out acro the mak's hape. It wa done to make everthing come together to repreent not onl Venice ut the festival a well. 

Color Palette


Bodoni 72 Book is the logo typeface because it has Italian roots. It also a modern serif type face that fit well with the brand values that have been identified.

Asset 10.png




Badges and Totes

Images from venice_carnival_official Instagram and Pintrest

Templates from Graphic Burger and Creative Market